Testimonial Category: SureCritic Review

Aundre G.

Aundre said this business was recommended to her. She had a transmission leak and it was taken care of.

Bobbi B.

Bobbi said the business is professional. They did excellent work, the price was fair, the staff was very friendly and she would recommend their service.

Benny M.

Benny said it was his second time dealing with them, it’s straightforward, they quote it and they fix it. He likes them, there’s no loop ends or extra charges.

Anthony P.

Spoke with Karen. She said both she and her husband are very impressed with the business. They had to tow her vehicle to them and at first she was told repairs might cost $1,300, but then they called and said they had found the necessary part for $500 so the cost would be much less…. Read more »

Troy P.

I saw one review posted, that in my opinion, a negative review (1 star) in which didn’t make my decision on whether to give Stelley’s a call or not, although the rest of reviews were very positive. After reading it, I just couldn’t grasp on why would a business that’s been in business for several… Read more »