Troy P.

I saw one review posted, that in my opinion, a negative review (1 star) in which didn’t make my decision on whether to give Stelley’s a call or not, although the rest of reviews were very positive. After reading it, I just couldn’t grasp on why would a business that’s been in business for several years, having owned a business myself, jeopardize their reputation, in trying so call ‘steal’ a person vehicle. Sounds to me there were more underlying issues with these folks. So, I called in advance, spoke with the owner (Joe), told him my situation with my transmission, he gave a date to have my car there. I dropped the car off at the business. The day of the drop-off Joe explained to me, once he’d looked at the transmission and determines the problem, he’d call me and let me know my option (if any) and cost. A day later I received a call from Joe, giving me the run down on the problem, the cost per parts needed (down to the cents), and all warranties involved. This was done prior to any work performed. Weeks later I received called from Joe, asking ‘how was the car doing’ my reply was perfect and had no problems since. I thought that was good customer service and in line with treating their customers First, Last, and Always.

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