Transmission Rebuild

Is there transmission fluid leaking from your vehicle? Are the gears in your transmission slipping almost every time you drive your car? Or have you simply gotten tired of seeing your transmission overdrive and check engine lights pop on when you start up your car? You need to have your transmission repaired right away, and you need a Baton Rouge transmission rebuild and transmission repair shop like Stellys Transmission Specialists by your side to do it. We can bring your vehicle’s transmission back to life and prevent all the problems we just mentioned.

Transmission Rebuilds

At Stellys Transmission Specialists, we specialize in working on both automatic and manual transmissions. If you suspect there might be an issue with your vehicle’s transmission, we can take a look at it and diagnose the exact problem. Our highly experienced mechanics can then either repair your transmission or complete rebuild it using the latest technology and techniques. This will help you avoid dealing with transmission issues moving forward and negate the need for total transmission replacement.

The Benefits of Transmission Rebuilds

There are many benefits to completing transmission repairs or rebuilding a transmission. For starters, it’ll turn those pesky transmission overdrive and check engine lights off.  More importantly, it’ll give you more control over your car when you have it out on the road. You won’t have to worry about your transmission slipping or rough shifts when you make the effort to have your transmission repaired. You’ll also extend the life of your car when you have work done on your transmission on a regular basis.

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